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West Virginia

The BIL will provide West Virginia with at least $4.4 billion in infrastructure investment, funding desperately needed by the state.

West Virginia, located in the eastern United States, has faced challenges with its infrastructure in recent years. The state’s infrastructure includes its roads, bridges, public transportation, and water and sewage systems.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave West Virginia a D on its infrastructure report card. This reflects the state’s infrastructure being in poor condition and in need of significant investment and improvement.

In terms of specific areas of infrastructure, West Virginia has over 7,000 miles of highways, with 19% of those highways in poor condition. The state also has over 1,700 bridges, with 21% of those bridges considered structurally deficient.

West Virginia’s public transportation system also faces challenges. The state has limited options for public transit, with only a few bus systems and no passenger rail service. This can make it difficult for residents without access to a car to travel to work or other destinations.

The state’s water and sewage systems also require attention, with some communities experiencing issues with water quality and availability. According to the ASCE report, 15% of West Virginia residents do not have access to safe drinking water, and 21% do not have access to adequate wastewater treatment.

Overall, West Virginia’s infrastructure faces significant challenges and requires investment and improvement. However, the state has taken steps to address these issues, including increasing funding for road and bridge repairs and upgrades to water and sewage systems. Continued attention and investment in infrastructure will be necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of West Virginia’s residents and to support economic growth in the state.

Each driver pays this per year in costs due to driving on poorly maintained roads.
Formula funding alone will provide approximately this over 5 years for highways & bridges
$3.8 billion