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Transmission & Distribution

Build a more reliable, resilient, and sustainable power grid with hot-dip galvanized steel.

As the demand for electricity continues to grow, reliable and resilient transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure is crucial. According to the Department of Energy, the US economy loses up to $70 billion annually due to power outages. Hot-dip galvanized steel is an essential component in building a more robust system. 

Structures made from HDG steel are engineered to have longer lifespans, can better withstnad extreme weather events, and are made from natural, abundant materials that are 100% recylcable at the end of life. Hot-dip galvanizing is used extensively in transmission structures, and in recent years increasingly in distribution lines to increase resiliency. 

In 2019, the Steel Utility Pole Coalition (SUPC) was formed to promote a more resilient and sustainable grid by using steel utility poles. The SUPC is a collaborative group of associations, pole manufacturers, steel producers, and coaters that offers a broad range of resources. These resources include in-person and online training, research, and educational resources that highlight the benefits of steel utility poles and provide guidance on how to work with them effectively.

As investment in T&D continues to increase, utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel is esential for enhancing the overall reliablility of the power grid. 

US economic annual loss due to outages
$70 Billion
Outages that occur along the distribution lines

Transmission & Distribution Resources

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    Steel Utility Pole Coalition (SUPC)

    The SUPC is comprised of industry groups, manufacturers and end-users who promote steel poles for use in sub-transmission (69 kV and below) and distribution through education, research, and marketing.

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    Performance and Inspection of HDG Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

    The galvanized coating is incredibly durable for wide temperature ranges, but precautions may be necessary if exposing hot-dip galvanizing to extreme temperatures.

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    Steel Distribution Poles

    Hot-dip galvanized steel provides a sustainable solution for distribution poles. They can be used exclusively in new/replacement project or sporadically to harden existing lines.

Galvanized T&D Components

Cable Trays/Conduit

Distribution Poles


Faraday Cages


Generator Housings

Grounding Systems


Lattice Towers

Pole Crossarms

Pole Guard Sleeve

Pole Splint

Reinforcing Steel

Steel Trusses

Substation Structures

Tower Supports

Transmission Poles

Tubular Towers