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Hot-dip galvanizing is a solid investment to protect airport buildings (hangars, terminals, towers, parking), ground equipment, and airside necessities.

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The United States may have built modern aviation, but a lack of investment and poor planning for future demand have left our airports in disrepair and lagging our counterparts worldwide. Prior to the COVID pandemic, and once again since the peak, passenger travel through our nation’s airports continues to rise steadily. The increase in flight service as well as terminal, gate and ramp availability has not kept pace with passenger demand. According to ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card, our nation’s aviation infrastructure is rated a D+.

The challenge of rising passenger volume has put more pressure on airport terminals, concourses, and building structures such as garages. As passengers face growing delays due to flight service limitations and capacity issues – closures due to maintenance or corrosion add further unnecessary delays on these transportation hubs.

Aviation Infrastructure 10-year funding shortfall
$111 Billion
BIL funding for airports
$25 Billion
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Hot-dip galvanized steel can provide durable, long-lasting corrosion protection to terminal structures as well as airfield equipment fit to stand up against exposure to the elements daily wear and tear.