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Highway Structures

We rely on galvanized steel highway elements such as guardrail, signage, and lights to keep us safe on the roadways.

Bridges are not the only place hot-dip galvanized steel is used in transportation infrastructure. Galvanized steel is commonly used in a number of other highway products such as guardrail, light poles, overhead sign structures and gantries, etc. Galvanizing has proven its ability to successfully protect steel from corrosion in all of these applications. These critical highway elements are often hidden or ignored once they are in place, making hot-dip galvanized steel’s maintenance-free longevity in the atmosphere as well as buried in soil or embedded in concrete a great match. 

Hot-dip galvanized steel’s maintenance-free longevity also provides life-cycle cost savings, and in recent years, the initial cost of HDG is cost competitive or even less expensive than many other coating options. This cost savings both initially and over the life of the project along with its proven performance has led specifiers to expand the use of hot-dip galvanized steel in the highway products market.

BIL amount earmarked for safety on shared roads
$11 billion
Amount of goods moved along US highways

Highway Structure Resources

  • LCCC Highway Structure

    Life-Cycle Cost Calculator

    Use the Life-cycle Cost Calculator to compare the initial and life-cycle cost of hot-dip galvanizing to other common coating systems.

  • ZCLP Highway Structures

    Zinc Coating Life Predictor

    Use the Zinc Coating Life Predictor to estimate the atmospheric corrosion rate of hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings in your area.

  • Pregressive dip calc

    Progressive Dip Calculator

    This is a tool used to confirm whether an article of known dimensions can be progressive-dip galvanized within a galvanizing kettle of known dimensions.

Highway Components

Access Doors

Anchor Bolts

Bin-Type Retaining Walls








Ground Anchors


Guardrail Posts

Jersey Barrier Embedments


Light Poles

MSE Walls

Overhead Sign Support

Piping/Pipe Supports

Retaining Walls

Signal Light Poles

Signal Supports

Sign Supports

Sound Barriers

Steel Divider Barrier

Toll Gantries

Trench Drains