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Parking Structures

Hot-dip galvanized steel provides an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable solution for parking structures thoroughout the country.

In 2021, there were approximately 284.5 million vehicles registered in the United States, a number that has consistently grown since 1960. The National Parking Association estimates there are approximately 85,000 parking garages in the US, and the average parking utilization rate is between 50-80%. 

As the nation continues to have a heavy reliance on automobiles, parking structures remain a necessity. It is important to consider sustainable materials when designing a new parking garage, as well as how the structure will be incorporated with its surroundings. Functionality is of the upmost importance, but building attractive, economical, and efficient structures should also be front of mind. 

Utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel in parking structure designs has been gaining popularity since the early 2000's. Galvanized steel provides a number of benefits to the overall design by doing more with less. Steel structural elements are slimmer and have a higher weight-to-strength ratio meaning they can span longer distances with less vertical coloumns. This is a particular advantage in parking structures as steel columns require 80% less floor space than concrete columns - freeing up valuable real estate for additioal parking spaces and decreasing the average cost-per-space. 

In addition to slimmer columns, galvanzied steel parking structures also do more with less by utilizing castellated or cellular beams. These are created when one steel beam is cut, separated, offset, and then rejoined leaving "holes" in the web. The resulting beams are 50% stronger and lighter - offering the structure a weight savings of 20-50%. This weight savings is important as it can translate into more vertical stories, decreasing the overall square footage necessary for the structure. These beams also allow mechanical, electrical, and fire protection to run through the "holes" lowering floor-to-floor heights and improving safety by allowing more light into and throughout the structure. 

Hot-dip galvanized steel also provides more design freedom. Sleek steel elements can be curved, arched and bent into striking shapes and designs. There is no rule that a parking structure has to be a boring square box, and galvanized steel provides the perfect opportunity to make a parking garage both a funtional and beautiful element. 

Hot-dip galvanized steel parking structures will stand the test of time while serving as a practical, sustainable, and often aesthetically pleasing infrastructure. 

Parking Structures Components

Access LaddersAngles/LintelsAnchor Bolts
Architectural ElementsBalconiesBeams
Belt LoadersBuilding System FramesCanopies
Castellated/Cellular BeamsChannelsColumns
DeckingFaçade ElementsFascia Support Steel
GuardrailGuardrail PostsHandrails
Light BraketsLight Poles/FixturesOrnamental Steel
Platforms/CatwalksRailingsReinforcing Steel
Roof ElementsRoof TrussesSignage
Sign Support/PolesSolar CanopiesSound Barriers
StairwaysStringersStructural Steel