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Airside Structures & Equipment

Often ignored by passengers, airside structures and equipment are just as critical to the day to day operations as the buildings and airplanes themselves.

Sitting aboard a plane, high above the tarmac, you may not realize, but galvanized steel is all around in the ground below. Galvanized rebar is often within the concrete in the surrounding air ramp, or "apron", taxiways, runways, or air tower controls and the galvanized coating is used to protect Ground Support Equipment (GSE), jetways, baggage handling, noise barriers, stairwells, ladders, and more. 

Utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel for these structures will provide the maintenance-free durability, seismic resistance, and corrosion protection necessary to keep airport operations running smoothly.

The anticipated airport GSE market growth by 2027
$1.6 Billion
The average lifespan of current GSE
10 years
  • Time to first maintenance chart ad

    Time to First Maintenance

    Use our TFM Chart to estimate when maintenance would be required to extend the life of HDG steel in typical North American environments.

  • Card design guide

    Design Guide: Products Galvanized After Fabrication

    Design and fabrication practices for optimizing the quality of HDG coatings. This guide contains more than 30 full-color illustrations.

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    Life-Cycle Cost Calculator

    Use the Life-cycle Cost Calculator to compare the initial and life-cycle cost of hot-dip galvanizing to other common coating systems.

Airside Components

Access LaddersAircraft Entry StairsAircraft Tugs
Baggage Claim Equip.Baggage TractorsBelt Loaders
CatwalksCrash BarriersDeicing Equipment
Ground Power UnitsGround Support EquipmentGuardrail
Guardrail PostsJetways/Jet BridgesLavatory Trucks
Light Poles/FixturesPlatformsPushback Tractors
RailingsReinforcing SteelRunway Lighting
SignageSign Support/PolesSound Barriers
StairwaysTower SturcturesTripod Jacks