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Hot-dip galvanized steel provides strength, durability, and corrosion resistance to wind energy infastrcutrue.

Wind generated energy has seen a significant increase over the past 25 years. According to the Us Energy Information Administration (EIA), only 1% of energy generation came from wind in 2000, but today wind accounts for 10.2% of all generation. The central parts of the country are the biggest wind producers including Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas. A big area of interest in the past 2-3 years is developing more offshore wind on the East/West Coast and Great Lakes.

Whether in landlock or offshore applications, wind towers are exposed to all types of weather and abrasion. Furthermore, many of the structures are in remote or hard to access areas. Each tower represents a significant investment, so it is important to choose building materials with longevity. 

Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) offers durable, low maintenance corrosion protection to ancillary steel articles and infrastructure used in wind power. The low maintenance aspect allows operators to minimize down time allowing the tower to stay in service. And HDG's bond strength protects it against damage and abrasion from wind debris. Hot-dip galvanized steel is made from natural, abundant materials that enhance the overall sustainability of these clean energy generators making it a natural choice to protect wind energy investment now and in the future. 

HDG Wind Power Components

Anchor Plates


Bolt Platforms







Nacelle Components


Rotor Components

Support Structures