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The BIL will provide $30 million plus annually to wastewater projects in Alabama. Utilizing HDG in these projects will provide maintenance-free longevity.

Alabama has a diverse economy, but its infrastructure has been a topic of concern for years. In 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave Alabama a C- grade for its infrastructure, indicating a significant need for improvement.

Transportation is a significant area of concern in Alabama, particularly its roads and bridges. According to the ASCE, over 25% of Alabama's bridges are considered structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Furthermore, approximately 22% of the state's roads are considered in poor condition, resulting in higher costs for vehicle maintenance and increased travel time.

In terms of water infrastructure, Alabama has a substantial need for investment in its drinking water and wastewater systems. The ASCE reports that 85% of Alabama's population relies on public water supply systems, which are in need of upgrades and repairs. Furthermore, the state's wastewater systems have not received adequate investment, with over 60% of the state's wastewater treatment plants operating beyond their useful life.

Alabama's energy infrastructure is another area that requires improvement. The state's electrical grid is aging, and the ASCE reports that power outages are becoming more frequent. Alabama also relies heavily on fossil fuels, with over 80% of its energy generated from coal and natural gas.

Overall, Alabama's infrastructure requires significant investment to improve its safety, reliability, and efficiency. According to the ASCE, the state requires approximately $5.5 billion in additional funding per year to address its infrastructure needs. If Alabama does not make the necessary investments, it risks further decline in its economic competitiveness and quality of life for its residents.

Each driver pays this per year in costs due to driving on poorly maintained roads.
Formula funding alone will provide approximately this over 5 years for highways & bridges
$5.8 billion