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South Dakota

The BIL will provide South Dakota with an additional $140 million each year for roads and bridges over previous federal funding.

South Dakota has a total of 82,727 miles of public roads, with 7,701 of those miles being part of the National Highway System. The state has 85 airports, of which 16 have commercial air service. There are 7 freight railroads in South Dakota that operate over 1,674 miles of track, and the state has 1,109 bridges that are at least 20 feet long, with 170 of them being structurally deficient. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave South Dakota a C- on its infrastructure report card.

In terms of water infrastructure, South Dakota has over 1,400 public water systems that serve around 800,000 residents. The state also has 34 wastewater treatment facilities. However, many of these facilities are aging and in need of upgrades.

South Dakota's energy infrastructure includes 25 electric power plants, with a total generating capacity of 3,365 megawatts. The state has a strong wind energy sector, with over 1,000 turbines and a capacity of 2,267 megawatts.

Overall, while South Dakota's infrastructure is adequate, there is room for improvement. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the state's infrastructure a grade of "C+" in 2021. The state is working on improving its roads and bridges, and has committed over $600 million to transportation infrastructure projects over the next several years. The state is also investing in renewable energy and working to upgrade its water and wastewater systems.

Each driver pays this per year in costs due to driving on poorly maintained roads.
Formula funding alone will provide approximately this over 5 years for highways & bridges
$2.2 billion