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North Carolina

BIL funding in North Carolina should help with broadband access in rural communities while also helping to address road and bridge improvements.

North Carolina is home to a diverse and growing population of over 10 million people. The state's infrastructure is critical to supporting this population and promoting economic growth. Overall, North Carolina has made significant investments in its infrastructure in recent years, but there are still significant challenges that need to be addressed. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave North Carolina a C- on its infrastructure report card.

One of the most significant infrastructure challenges in North Carolina is transportation. The state has over 79,000 miles of roads, making it the second-largest state highway system in the nation. However, the state's roads are in need of repair and improvements, with over 15% of the state's bridges considered functionally obsolete or structurally deficient.

North Carolina also has a significant need for investments in water infrastructure. The state's aging water systems are in need of upgrades and repairs, and many communities in the state are dealing with water quality issues.

Another critical area of infrastructure in North Carolina is broadband internet access. While much of the state's urban areas have access to high-speed internet, many rural areas lack the necessary infrastructure to provide reliable internet access to residents and businesses. This lack of access can make it difficult for businesses to compete and can limit economic growth in rural areas.

Despite these challenges, North Carolina has made significant investments in its infrastructure in recent years. The state has allocated over $4 billion for transportation infrastructure improvements in the last several years, and it has also invested in renewable energy projects and the expansion of its ports.

Overall, North Carolina faces significant challenges in maintaining and improving its infrastructure, particularly in transportation, water systems, and broadband internet access. However, the state has shown a commitment to addressing these challenges through significant investments in recent years.

Each driver pays this per year in costs due to driving on poorly maintained roads.
Formula funding alone will provide approximately this over 5 years for highways & bridges
$7.8 billion