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New Mexico

New Mexico will receive nearly $2.8 billion for road and bridges from the BIL, helping to reduce the funding gap through 2027.

New Mexico's infrastructure has been a significant focus for the state government in recent years. The state has been investing in upgrading and maintaining its infrastructure, including roads, bridges, airports, and water systems.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave New Mexico a C- on its infrastructure report card, indicating that it is in mediocre condition and requires significant investment and maintenance.

The ASCE report highlights that New Mexico's road infrastructure is in particularly poor condition, with 32% of the state's roads in poor or mediocre condition. The state's bridges also need attention, with 16% of them considered to be structurally deficient.

New Mexico's airports, on the other hand, received a grade of B in the ASCE report. The state's airports are well-maintained and have modern facilities, which is essential for promoting economic growth and attracting businesses to the state.

Another critical area of infrastructure in New Mexico is its water systems. According to the ASCE report, New Mexico's drinking water infrastructure received a grade of D+. This low grade is due to aging infrastructure, insufficient investment, and increasing water demand.

To address these issues, the state government has been investing in upgrading and modernizing its infrastructure. In 2019, the New Mexico legislature passed a bill that provided $931 million in funding for infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, and water systems.

In conclusion, while there are significant challenges facing New Mexico's infrastructure, the state is taking steps to address them. Continued investment in upgrading and maintaining the state's infrastructure is essential to promote economic growth, ensure public safety, and enhance the quality of life for all New Mexicans.

Each driver pays this per year in costs due to driving on poorly maintained roads.
Formula funding alone will provide approximately this over 5 years for highways & bridges
$2.8 billion